Garden State Geezers

Thanks for the great times at the

East Hampton Grand Masters Classic May 17-19, 2024


2024 Geezer roster:

  1. Chris Knigge
  2. Jim Levine
  3. Tom Pinzino
  4. Jay Edson
  5. Alicia G Shultz
  6. Steve Lahet
  7. Carol Smith
  8. Lee Vallone
  9. Ken Savistano
  10. Colin Iosso
  11. Andrew Joyce
  12. Eric Strome
  13. Mark Newton
  14. Mike Doughtie
  15. Eugene Downing

Where we stay:

40.99059,-72.1446 - 86 Stony Hill Road in Amagansett, NY - Red Fox Run - Sas' Driveway

Where we play:

40.962555, -72.193333 - Village Fields adjacent to John M. Marshall Elementary School, East Hampton, NY

2024 Message from Tournament Director Sas Peters:

Dear Friends,

East Hampton Grand Masters, the birthplace of it all, is happening on May 18&19 this year 2024. We sure hope to see all of you there. As usual, $20 gets you all the play you want on Saturday and Sunday: 3 games on sat and at least two on Sunday, free camping at my beautiful place which includes use of giant pool, hot tub, bathrooms and dinner deliveries of all varieties, and giant complimentary pancake breakfast on Sunday. After Sunday’s games, we will have a giant bonfire on the beach and put all of our heads together to come up with the name of the next division for over 70’s. The final game of Saturday will feature players of the new IMMORTAL division, and anybody over 65 will be encouraged to play. All of you youngsters will be encouraged to hoot and holler at these reckless oldsters. Remember East Hampton is the original Grand Masters tournament, so anybody over 40 is welcome. Players are of course welcome to camp, and fancier accommodations are always available, but for a free Hampton’s vacation you can’t beat it. There is always entertainment and entertainment will be provided.

Hugs To All,


Let’s make it a real party with great play, great spirit and great creativity. Families and children are always welcome.



We are happy to announce that on May 18 and May 19 the 22nd annual Grand Masters of East Hampton tournament will be held.  

We hope to have confirmation from teams and will update as confirmed. Historically teams from Philly, NY/Conn., Brooklyn, Maryland, Pelham NY, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Toronto, Montreal, Texas, Ohio have attended. We also have individual players from all over arrive to supplement squads in need and encourage combination teams to form. 

The cost for this tournament will be $200 per team or $20 per player, which will cover the costs of fields, insurance, water, bananas, breakfast Sunday, beer Saturday evening, and free camping at the host's home.


Free camping, with outdoor shower, pool and hot tub will be available at the home, situated on 20+ acres of land outside of Amagansett 10 minutes from the fields. The home is also two minutes from the best ocean and bay beaches anywhere.

For those interested in fancier accommodations, we will post more detail on this later. The web can provide all info on hotels and B&B nearby in Montauk and East Hamton. The Ocean Dunes in Amagansett, is a close and nice place and directly on the ocean.

East Hampton is one of the premier resort destinations in the world and has every sort of hotel or cottage or B&B accommodations one could ask for. . 


We will have the option to have dinner delivered to the house Saturday evening for those who order in advance. Captains will receive information on ordering dinner from the Fish Farm and may call and place orders for their team

The choices are salmon, tuna, or lobster dinners. There will also be children's offerings of hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken fingers available to order.

Sunday morning breakfast is provided for all including pancakes, eggs, bacon, juice, fruit, coffee.etc.


Teams are welcome and encouraged to arrive Friday if you can.

Saturday morning's play will not start until 11:00 am to allow those folks who need to travel on that day time to comfortably get there. The Captain's meeting will start at 10:30 am Saturday with three rounds of play on Saturday followed by a Legends (60+) exhibition round. Dinner Saturday starts at about 7:00pm at the house. After dinner there will be circles of campfires around the property to stroll through with stories, music and songs, some special surprises and foolishness.

Sunday play will start at 10:30 am and we will have three rounds of play with finals to determine a champion after round robin play finishes.

Children and families are always welcome everywhere, so bring the whole gang. They will enjoy the villages of East Hampton and the surrounding towns as there is incredible shopping, yummy restaurants, beautiful dunes and beaches, and fun activities everywhere. Beaches are open to the public until Memorial Day. East Hampton Main Beach is a 5 minute drive from the fields. The oldest farm in America (Home Sweet Home) is on Main Street as is Harriet Beecher Stowe's house. History is everywhere on Main Street. There are 2 playgrounds near the fields and the house has a small swingset, playground, an outdoor pool and hot tub. Hiking trails abound in the surrounding preserves.

This tournament will be covered by local media. Be mindful that there are strict rules prohibiting drugs or alcohol in the town of East Hampton, save it for back at the house.. Unfortunately, dogs are not welcome at the fields. Littering will not be tolerated and responsible cleanup at the fields, beach and the house land will be insisted upon. We want to be able to hold this tournament forever.

Yours Truly,

Alexander "Sas" Peters apeters13@gmail 917-992-4730

2022 Message from Tournament Director Sas Peters:

Top o’ the morning to ya!!!! East Hampton is on!!!!! May 21&22, 2022. So bring your teams or just bring yourselves. Can’t wait to see ya.

As always camping at my place is free. Anyone who wants hotels I can help with that. 3 games saturday followed by showcase Legends game. Then back to my house for Preakness (very important for Marylanders and horsey types like me).

After Preakness, Fish Farm will deliver to all smart enough to order from them. Then the party starts. WOOOOHOOOO!

Sunday Morning starts with the traditional pancake breakfast. Semis and finals start at 10:30. All who want to arrive early to help with Treehenge and touch the clouds and commune with the spirits are welcome. All who want to stay over on Sunday and go to the ocean afterwards (this seems the perfect place to discuss our Legends plans) are also welcome. My pool, hot tub and outdoor will be open and ready for action.

Hugs and Love to All,


Sorry, we won't be playing in the

East Hampton Grand Masters Classic May 15-17, 2020

The last East Hampton Grand Masters Classic was May 18-19, 2019

The Garden State Geezers joined forces with T-REX the Toronto team to form G-REX

don dondisc


Congratulations to the Garden State Geezers on winning
the 2018 East Hampton Great-Grandmasters Classic!

Our line was Lahet, Greener, Knigge, Ken, Andrew, Tom, Colin, Jeremy, "Chris and Marty from Connecticut", and Sas.

We cheered,

There once was a team from Baltimore
They just had a tournament but still wanted more
They picked up Skippy
Who got a bit chippy
East Hampton lives on in Frisbee lore.

At this time, there is no plan for another Princeton Great-Grandmasters Tournament.

Thank you for attending The 3rd Annual

Princeton Great-Grandmasters Ultimate Frisbee Championships




June 17, 2017 - Philly-not-so-chilly is CANCELLED

East Hampton Grand Masters Classic May 20-21, 2017

Thanks everyone for the great time! 1-4 with the forfeit but we won the party!


  1. Chris Knigge
  2. Kevin Greener
  3. Don "Sauce" Cain
  4. Colin Iosso
  5. Steve Lahet
  6. Ken Savastano
  7. Tom Pinzino
  8. Derek Stordahl
  9. Erol Kucucarslan
  10. Zach Bressler
  11. Eli Brown
  12. Peter Mock
  13. Steve Gorski
  14. Larry Anouna
  15. John Marino
  16. Lewis Wendall
  17. Louis Luigi Diep
  18. Kevin Conover - Sat only
  19. Lee Vallone - Sat only
  20. Jan East Hampton  - Sat only


Have not heard from,  maybe, don't know:

Where we stay: 

40.99059,-72.1446 - 86 Stony Hill Road in Amagansett, NY - Red Fox Run - Sas' Driveway

Where we play:

40.962555, -72.193333 - Village Fields adjacent John M. Marshall Elementary School, East Hampton, NY

Princeton Great-Grandmasters Ultimate Frisbee Championship 2016

Thank you for being part of the Second Annual Princeton Great-Grandmasters Ultimate Championships!

Hope to see you next year! Mark your calendars: August 26, 2017

May 21-22, 2016 East Hampton Grand Masters Classic


  1. Larry Anouna
  2. Zach Bressler
  3. Kevin Conover
  4. Jay Edson
  5. Steve Gorski
  6. Kevin Greener
  7. Colin Iosso
  8. Andrew Joyce
  9. Chris Knigge
  10. Erol Kucucarslan
  11. Steve Lahet
  12. Rick Liebling
  13. Jason May
  14. Peter Mock
  15. Tom Pinzino
  16. Ken Savastano
  17. Derek Stordahl
  18. Mike Twomey
  19. Lee Vallone
  20. Jeff Zoletta

August 29, 2015 - Princeton Great-Grandmasters Ultimate Frisbee Championships


  1. Phifty from Phila (5-0) CONGRATULATIONS!
  2. Older Line from Baltimore (4-1)
  3. Triaged from NC (3-2)
  4. Vintage from CT/NY (2-3)
  5. Garden State Geezers (1-4)
  6. Aged against the Machine from Ohio (0-5)

June 13-14, 2015 - Philly-not-so-chilly GM



  1. Don Cain
  2. Chris Knigge
  3. Steve Lahet
  4. Tom Pinzino
  5. Lee Valone
  6. Kevin Greener
  7. Mike Twomey
  8. Kevin Conover
  9. Scott Ady
  10. Eric Wallenstein
  11. Derek Stordahl
  12. John Marino
  13. Peter Mock
  14. Jason May
  15. Glenn Thompson
  16. Ken Savastano
  17. Scott Ady
  18. and two
  19. more

May 16-17, 2015 East Hampton GM

40.99059,-72.1446 - 86 Stony Hill Road in Amagansett, NY - Red Fox Run - Sas' Driveway

  1. Chris Knigge
  2. Mike Twomey
  3. Ken Savastano
  4. Jay Edson
  5. Tom Pinzino
  6. Lee Valone
  7. Bruce Kuo
  8. Derek Stordahl
  9. Peter Mock
  10. John Marino
  11. Steve Gorski
  12. Erol Kucukarslan
  13. Eric Wallenstein
  14. Stu
  15. Skip


Geezer Nation

Spiedes and Tents

Where we play  40.962555, -72.193333

Fields Address:  Village Fields adjacent John M. Marshall Elementary School, East Hampton, NY

The second-ever Great-Grandmasters Ultimate Tournament

SUNY Purchase

Sunday, April 26, 2015.

  1. Ed Summers
  2. Don "Sauce" Cain
  3. Carl Davies
  4. Chris O'Connor
  5. Chris Knigge
  6. Steve Lahet
  7. Tom Pinzino
  8. Lee Valone
  9. Jay Edson
  10. Ken Savastano
  11. Derek Meredith
  12. Kevin Greener
  13. Mike Twomey
  14. Eric Wallenstein
  15. Tom Maroon
  16. Dave Dillon
What a great squad: we went to 12-12 Universe Point versus our first two opponents, Maryland and Boston but unfortunately lost both games 13-12. Two one-point games away from going undefeated - tough losses. We easily handled Albany and Pehlam for Games 3 and 4, we crushed the co-ed and spirited Albany 13-5 and walked all over Pelham a boozy 13-4.

First-ever Great-Grandmasters Ultimate Tournament

SUNY Purchase

Sunday, November 9, 2014.

Men who are over 50 or will be this year and women who are over 40 (totally hot Great Grande Dames) are welcome.

Savage Senior division of the Garden State Geezers

  1. Chris Knigge     10/23/58
  2. Lee Valone     9/1/60
  3. Mike Twomey     5/3/64
  4. Ken Savastano   4/5/61
  5. Jay Edson          9/13/60
  6. Steve Lahet      3/1/59
  7. Tom Pinzino     12/18/59
  8. Eric Wallenstein 11/2/64
  9. Kevin Greener     10/16/63
November 9, 2014
SUNY Purchase
Purchase College
Main Fields
Brigid Flanigan Drive East
Captain's meeting 9:30 AM.  4 teams, round-robin of 3 games at 10:00, 11:30, and 1:00.
Post-party at Alexander "Sas" Peters' house, 10 minutes away:
41 Deer Knoll Road, Mount Kisco, NY 10549
You are welcome to camp out on Saturday night and also stay over on Sunday night, or stay in one of the local hotels.
Here is email from him:
Folks are welcome to stay over. Couch space, floor space available. Camping totally available. Address is 41 Deer Knoll road, Mount Kisco, NY. Sas 's cell is 917-992-4730. 
Captain 's meeting at SUNY Purchase at9:30. Games start at 10. Games to 13. Round Robin. 10-11:30. 11:30-1. 1-2:30. Captains and players can choose to have champ round. After party with keg and food at Sas's 41 Deer Knoll Road house.  Teams- NY/Conn, Balt /Philly, Jersey Geezers, Massachusetts. Totally awesome and balanced that we have 2 NEast and 2 Mid-Atlantic teams at such short notice get up and represent. You guys are awesome. The USAU should take notice, recognize this new division and support it with a championship and not wait 10 years like they did Grandmasters (which I also founded).

The 10th North American Grand Masters Championship

September 27th and 28th, 2014

Douglas Hospital Fields, 6875 boulevard Lasalle, Verdun, QC

Captains and Players,

Registration is now open for the 10th North American Grand Masters Championship. The tournament last year worked out great with a very high and fairly even and increasingly strong level of play. We had teams from many different places in the US and Canada and since last year’s tournament have had interest from a many new places across North America. It also great to see that Grand Masters as a division is taking off.

The 10th North American Grand Masters Championship will be held in Montreal, Canada on September 27th and 28th, 2014. The Open class tournament is open to all guys at least 40 years old by December 31, 2014 and women at least 35 years old by December 31, 2014.

The tournament will be played on the very nice grounds of the Douglas Hospital next to the St-Laurence River on the Island of Montreal. We expect to have between 3 and 4 games Saturday and between 2 and 3 games Sunday. We plan to be finish by 2pm Sunday.

Looking forward to seeing those discs fly,

Mike Lee


  1. YES

John Marino says Let's get 14 committed players by August 7th!

You will need a passport to cross the international border back into the United States from Canada [apply now] unless you have an Enhanced Driver's Licence from Michigan, New York, Vermont or Washington. You cannot re-enter the USA with only a regular NJ driver's licence.



June 14-15, 2014 Edgely Fields, Philadelphia, PA     Directions to the fields.

Saturday: after the 9:30AM captains meeting, we played

10 AM - beat Philly Hat 13-7

12 noon - lost to Philly Man Down 5-13

2 PM - bye

4 PM - close loss to Baltimore 10-13


10 AM - close loss to Brooklyn 10-13

12 noon - Philly Hat got back at us to win this one.


Name DOB
Chris Knigge (c) 10/23/58
Mike Twomey 5/3/64
Ken Savastano 4/5/61
John Marino 4/18/68
Scott Ady 7/2/64
Andrew Joyce 9/18/70
Steve Gorski 9/8/67
Zack Bressler 6/18/73
Jay Edson 9/13/60
Peter Mock 7/30/68
Don Cain 10/22/55
Lee Valone 9/1/60
Kevin Greener 10/16/63
Alex Peters 7/1/56
Jim Levine 9/21/60
Laura George
Steve Lahet 3/1/59
Bruce Kuo
Erol Kucukarslan

Some Geezer photos:

Accomodations are available nearby at:

There are no group rooms or discounted rates.  There is no nearby camping, either.

You are on your own! You could post to the list to ask fellow players to share a room.

You can post to the list by sending email to:

Sign up for our Yahoogroup: by sending email to


Chris Knigge <> 609-468-7594
Mike Twomey <> 973-392-4474

Grand Masters of Ultimate Facebook page

Grand Masters of East Hampton
May 17-18, 2014 Village Fields, East Hampton, NY

It was a great time. We won one game on Saturday and one game on Sunday, 2-3 overall. Not Bad!

Try to make it next year!!!


  1. Chris Knigge
  2. Mike Twomey
  3. Ken Savastano
  4. Derek Stordahl
  5. Kevin Conover
  6. Jay Edson
  7. Tom Pinzino
  8. Peter Mock
  9. John Marino
  10. Steve Gorski
  11. Andrew Wiley

Where we stay  40.9940039, -72.143057

Host:  Sas Peters
House Address:  86 Stoney Hill Road, Amagansett, NY
Directions to House:  LIE to exit 70. Make a right on Manorville Rd. and go to the end. Follow the road onto 27 East. Take 27 East to Amagansett. Just before Mobil Station make left onto Windmill Lane. Go to the end. Right onto Town Lane. Make left on Stony Hill Road to 7th Right at Red Fox Run. Come all the way back. Do not bother the neighbor whose house is at the front of the property.

Where we play  40.962555, -72.193333

Fields Address:  Village Fields adjacent John M. Marshall Elementary School, East Hampton, NY
Directions to Fields:  From 27 East, in East Hampton Village make a left on Newtown Lane at the main stoplight. Waldbaums is on your left, if you need any grocery items. Go left at Railroad Avenue, before the tracks, and left again into longterm parking. Fields are in front of you.

Food orders to be given to Marie at the Fish Farm at 631-267-3341 by Thursday, May 15.

From the tournament director:

Once again, we welcome all comers to the East Hampton Grand and Great Grand Masters Classic, always held the weekend before Memorial Day.

Your tournament fee gets you the greatest time and nice fields of our fair village, all the hearty beer you can drink, all the yummy breakfast you can eat and free camping at Red Fox Run.

Captain's meeting at 9am both Saturday and Sunday. Games to start at 9:30. 11:30 and 1:30. Great Grandmasters and Grande Dames Classic starts at 4. Preakness at 6 at the house. Food orders to be given to Marie at the Fish Farm at 631-267-3341 by Thurdsday, May 15. Delivery 6:30 Saturday.  Beach bonfire dependent on weather. Bring your guitars and good vibes.

Hope you're all coming -hah-hah- and we'll play some ultimate too.
Past Events:
The East Hampton Grand Masters Tournament
May 18 - 19, 2013

Philly-Not-So-Chilly V
Grand Masters Tournament
June 23 and 24, 2013

Roster for June 23 was:
  1. Chris Knigge
  2. Steve Gorski
  3. Dennin Cronin
  4. Derek Stordahl
  5. Scott Ady
  6. Tim "Wags" Wagner
  7. Pete Bliss
  8. Richard "Wheels" Hankin
  9. Zak Giardalis
  10. Keith Harrington
  11. Ed Cohen
  12. Mark Hauser
  13. Mike Gentile
  14. Bert Robinson

The East Hampton Grand Masters Tournament
May 19 and 20, 2012
We had a great time with only nine players - 5 Geezers and 4 walk-ons.
  1. Chris Knigge
  2. Steve Gorski
  3. Mike Twomey
  4. Andrew Joyce
  5. Lee Vallone
  6. Dan Frank
  7. Derek Stordahl
  8. Jan Spoeri
  9. Carl Dickhuth
Letter from Sas Peter with details:
Dear Brothers and Interested Sisters,

East Hampton is on for the weekend of May 19 and 20.Please accept my
apologiesfor this late missive, but handling the details of my
father's sickness, subsequent death and funeral in Germany from New
York along with other personal challenges have kept me from sending
this important message out. The fields in the beautiful Village of
East Hampton once again await your presence. The ocean beaches will be
thrilled to bathe you in their salty essence. And my place,  Red Fox
Run at 86 Stony Hill Road in Amagansett, will once again host you wild
creatures. As always, camping is free. You are welcome to arrive
anytime after Friday afternoon to set up. Usually we all go out
together to Friday night dinner. Captain's meeting is at 10:30
saturday morning at Tourney Central, which is at the Middle School
Soccer Fields, easily reached by turning left off of Montauk Highway
(Main Street) in East Hampton onto Newtown Lane and making a left just
before the Railroad track and station and then left into longterm
parking. You will see the fields directly in front of you. Games will
start at 11,1 and 3 with the Great Grandmasters and Grande Dames
spectacle to begin at 4:30. Then we race home for the Preakness, which
usually goes off at 6. Showers are available on a first come basis at
my house.

Dinner is around 7. You will have a choice of Lobster, tuna, swordfish
dinners, with kids meals of either burgers or chicken fingers
available. I will shortly get you all prices, but they will be in line
with year's past. After dinner we head to the beach for the bonfire
and more partying. We bring the keg, guitars and lots of wood for the
bonfire and just let it rip.ANYTHING ILLEGAL SHOULD BE DONE ON MY

Sunday morning offers a yummy pancake breakfast, with lots of coffee,
syrup and fixins. Games start at 11, 1 and 3.

Individual players, established teams and partial teams are all
welcome. We will find a place and squad for you if you come. This year
Canadian and Carolinan players will be joining the usual teams from
Brooklyn, Connecticut, Philly, New York, Baltimore and Philly

Those who wish to have meals at my house are welcome to do so and
those who just wish to play at the tourney may do so as well. Those
wishing fancier accomodations should try the Ocean Dunes (6312678121),
which is next to Indian Wells Beach where we have our bonfire party.

Please reach me by email at or for emergencies or
other pressing matters at 917-992-4730.



Click here for info about Philly Not So Chilly - August 27 and 28, 2011:

Garden State Geezers photo from Philly Not-So-Chilly Tournament - August 2010
Garden State Geezers 2010

Geezer Roster:

  1. Michael Adlis
  2. Larry Anouna
  3. Don "Sauce" Cain
  4. Kevin Conover
  5. Anthony Corona
  6. Scott Fort
  7. Steve Gorski
  8. Kevin Greener (c)
  9. Tom Hart
  10. Trevan Houser
  11. Scott Hunter
  12. Chris Knigge
  13. Erol Kucucarslan
  14. Steve Lahet
  15. John Marino
  16. Jason May
  17. Brian McManimon
  18. Peter Mock
  19. Tom Pinzino
  20. Mike Twomey
  21. Lee Vallone
  22. Bill Zupko

Grand Masters of East Hampton Tournament May 21-22, 2011

Who went:

1 Kevin Greener 2 Lee Vallone 3 John Marino 4 Steve Gorski 5 Pete Mock 6 Chris Knigge 7 Jason May 8 Tom Pinzino 9 Erol Kucukarslan 10 Scott Ady 11 Andrew Joyce 12 Jason Gottlieb 13 Mike Twomey 14 Larry Anouna

The update:


*grand masters of east hampton* tourney was a blast, a are we getting old! 

we played a round robin, 3 games 

on sat (to 12?!?why?) , and 2 games on sun (to 13) 

brooklyn 5-0 

moscow state (pelham) (4-1) 

old glory (philly) (3-2) 

NyCt (2-3) 

rigor more disc (baltimore) (1-4 ) 

garden state geezers (central nj) (0-5) first timers! 


it was fun to have the women playing as well, have to recruit more for next 

year and figure out a good format. 


*Great grand master division first game. May 21, 2011

(odd vs even year birthdays with a little adjustment) 

even years crushed in a game to .... 7 (thats all we had energy for, and the 

preakness was about to start) (first goal, bruce kuo to lee vallone!) 


lobsters never had a chance! neither did the keg, 


*coming up*: 

mid atlantic regional (national qualifier) tournament in baltimore june 4,5 

grandmasters and womens masters national championship july 9,10 

philly not so chilly gm tournament aug (tbd 27,28 or 20,21) 



Montreal (North American Grand Masters Championship) sept/oct



Read More from Google Group: grand masters ultimate 

Philly not so chilly Tourny Info:

The 3rd largest GM tourney in the country, behind Nationals and Montreal, Philly Not-So-Chilly

8 grand masters teams August 27-28 at Edgely Fields in Philadelphia.


Philly Not-So-Chilly 2010 Group Photo by Bill Zupko

Philly Not So Chilly 2010 Group Photo

Click here for full size image (>3M)

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