Mercer County Ultimate Disc League

2007 Archive

Draft Season Regular Season Standings 

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1) Motley Blue (Billy Kieffer)

2) ShRed (KevinConover)

3) Deathless (Vlad Preoteasa / Nancy Scheraga)

4) Gwen Faulker and Josh Munger's Team

5) Tang (Andrew Sigal)

6) Noah Saul's Team

7) Streetball (Dan Naylor)

8) Bryant Yu / Min Yi's Team

9) Grape Juice (Steve Lahet)

10) Old School Bears (Joe Studholme)

11) Mo Warren's Team

12) Ghost Team #15

13) 22's (Joe Lafferty)

14) Mike Buriani's Team

15) John and Sarah Bobiak's Team

16) MCuddlers (John Porazza)


Draft Season Playoff Results


(1) Motley Blue defeated (16) McCuddlers

(2) Shred defeated (15) Team Bobiak

(3) Deathless defeated Buriani's Team

(13) 22's defeated (4) Gwen Faulkner's Team

(5) Tang Defeated (12)

(6) Noah Saul's Team defeated (11) Mo Warren's Team

(10) Old School Bears defeated (10) Streetball

(9) defeated Grape Juice


(1) Motley Blue defeated (9)

(2) Conover's Team defeated (10) Old School Bears

(3) Deathless defeated (6) Noah Saul's Team

(5) Tang defeated (13) 22's


(1) Motley Blue defeated (5) Tang

(3) Deathless defeated (2) Shred


Motley Blue Defeated Deathless



Draft Season Awards

MVP Male: Billy Kieffer

MVP Female: Gwen Faulkner

Most Spirited Male: Chris Low & Raph Vangelista

Most Spirited Female: Rachael Hotchkiss

Most Improved Male: Reuben Saul

Most Improved Female: Paige Maloney

Rookie of the Year Male: Bo Li

Rookie of the Year Female: Nina Russo


A Division Results 

Finals Big Stick over Roots of Rythmn



A Division Awards:

Most Valuable Player Male:

Most Valuable Player Female: